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Kingdom Ministries –Helping the Helpless

YOUR aprox. $2, £1, €1, R25, 0.002Btc participation will help thousands of people!

We live in a small town of Hermanus in South Africa. Its only claim to fame is that it is known as the Whale Watching Capital of the World.

Nice, except the locals do not eat whale. In our small town of less than 95 000 people, more than 35% are unemployed, more than 70% live on a total household income of $200 - $250 a month and are computer illiterate, so speaking to them about MLM, Btc etc is totally foreign.


Five guys got together and started exploring ways on how to help in some way. They decided to form a non profit organization called Kingdom Ministries by using their limited knowledge in MLMs to generate some funds.


The one guy gave up his top position in an MLM and renamed it to Kingdom Ministries with the other 5 working to build Kingdom Ministries.

However, the masses are computer illiterate and so this would also be limited in scope. Our people have a unique system here, which is known as a STOKVEL. Briefly 10 or 20 guys form a STOKVEL and each member gives say $1 dollar a week to it, so every 20 weeks or so each member then gets the whole pool, $80. This is like a bonus pay to them, and they can go and buy extra things they cannot do on their weekly pay of about $50. The 5 guys saw a drastic need to uplift the community - but how??

A food hamper of $30 feeds a family for a month, $300 builds a new shack, $600 gives a child an education in a good school for a year, a $100 dollars feeds up to 20 infants in a home, $2 buys a warm blanket. To developed countries this may sound like hogwash, but this is the reality of our poverty stricken fellow South Africans.


How to generate these funds?? Well the simplicity is by YOU being part of this MLM you WILL be helping all these people.


Thank you for being part of changed lives. May you all prosper!

Ferdie, Andre, Larenzo, Patrick and Lincoln thank you on behalf of Kingdom Ministries and hopefully the thousands of lives YOU WILL HELP CHANGE!!

YOUR aprox. $2, £1, €1, R25, 0.002Btc participation will help thousands of people!



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